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68 A S P J u n e 2 018 P r o d u c t s Bosch has new OTC pry bars e new OTC 8203L long-handled three-piece pry bar set from Bosch is designed for general everyday use to heavy-duty use. e company says each pry bar has an ergonomic handle that gives superior control without the risk of slipping. e striking cap helps techni- cians hit the bar without damage to make ham- mer strikes count. BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS Circle 180 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13180 Bartec has quick service tool More vehicles require a scan tool to do even the simplest of repairs. Bartec USA says the QST300 is the first tool of its kind that combines more than one function in a single tool. e QST300 ships with the ability to service battery manage- ment systems, electronic parking brakes, and oil light reset. Add-on applications available for the QST300 are DTC reading steering angle reset and diesel particulate filter resetting. BARTEC USA LLC Circle 181 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13181 Mahle adds 25-ton vehicle axle jack Mahle Service Solutions has in- troduced the ShopPro CAJ-25, a 25-ton commercial vehicle axle jack. Mahle says the compact field-ready design and low start- ing height of 8 inches make the CAJ-25 ideal for shop use or road service work. Features include a long handle design for hard-to- engage vehicles and large rubber wheels for easy movement. An air-driven motor powers the hy- draulic system, eliminating the manual pumping process. A patent-pending fea- ture allows the user to reset the ram back to the minimum starting height without the need for an air hose connection. MAHLE SERVICE SOLUTIONS Circle 182 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13182 TPMS sensor has 90-degree stem options A tire pressure monitor- ing system (TPMS) sen- sor with 90-degree stem options has been devel- oped for the Schrader Performance Sensors EZ-sensor product line. Schrader Performance Sensors says the new 90˚ EZ-sensor is the only TPMS sensor that prop- erly fits into aermarket wheel applications with 90-degree valve holes. e new 90˚ EZ-sensor is designed to allow shops to service more vehicles with TPMS, rim manufacturers to offer more TPMS-compatible rims and drivers to have more aermarket rim options. e company plans to offer the new 90˚ EZ-sensor in mid-2018. SCHRADER PERFORMANCE SENSORS Circle 183 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13183 Hennessy has single- pass brake lathe e Ammco 4000SP combi- nation disc and drum brake lathe from Hen- nessy Industries is designed to integrate single- speed spindle and feed rates for one-pass preci- sion finishes. Technicians can turn standard work quicker and easier. e 4000SP uses posi- tive rake tool bits for quality cuts. e result of this simplification is one of the most accurate, durable and easy-to-use machines, according to the company. HENNESSY INDUSTRIES INC. Circle 184 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13184

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