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66 A S P J u n e 2 018 P r o d u c t s Autel releases diagnostics reports tool Autel Intelligent Technology has added a tool for generating vehicle diagnostics reports to its MS906TS wireless device with built-in tire pres- sure monitoring system (TPMS) service capability. Autel says the new Pre- Scan/Post-Scan reports tool enables mechanical shops to perform scans to quickly diagnose vehicle diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and use the information to gener- ate a vehicle diagnostic report branded with the shop's logo. Autel says the wireless MS906TS with pre-scan/post-scan reports is its most affordable bidirectional scan tool for coding and activations. AUTEL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CORP. LTD. Circle 170 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13170 Graco has new electronic manual meters Fluid-handling equipment maker Graco says its new EM Series handheld and in-line electronic manual meters are designed to last in all applications from small ser- vice centers to heavy-duty repair shops. Weather- rated and impact resistant construction protects the electronics from intense, high-pressure clean- ing, dusty environments and mechanical vibra- tion common in industrial applications. ree models are available: handheld 8 or 20 gallons per minute (30.3-75.7 liters per minute) models or the 20 gpm (75.7 lpm) in-line meter. GRACO INC. Circle 171 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13171 Wheel balancer services up to 30-inch rims e Rotary 180 Pro3D Auto Wheel Balancer from Vehicle Service Group (VSG) is equipped with automatic wheel dimension sonar and a laser rim profile scanner. e Rotary 180 Pro3D services wheels up to 176 pounds with 10- to 30-inch rims, automatically detects the wheel dimension, scans the rim profile and selects the appropriate balanc- ing program with no data input from the techni- cian. A laser pointer shows exactly where to posi- tion weights while the large screen display uses icons for easy-to-follow guidance, in- cluding which weights to use, according to the company. VEHICLE SERVICE GROUP Circle 172 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13172 Arnott has new air suspension compressors Arnott Inc. is offering a new air suspension compressor (P-2932) for the 1997-2006 Lincoln Navi- gator and Ford Expedition, and a new air suspension compressor (P-2936) for the 1990-2011 Lin- coln Town Car, Ford Crown Victoria and the 1992-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis. Arnott's aermarket air suspension compressor model P-2932 features a heavy-duty motor, epoxy-coat- ed finish to prevent corrosion, new relay and an integrated dryer. Model P-2936 features a heavy- duty motor, epoxy-coated finish to prevent cor- rosion, and an integrated dryer. ARNOTT INC. Circle 173 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13173 In-ground piston lift has touch-screen control Heavy-duty vehicle li manufacturer Stertil-Koni USA has incorporated its touch-screen control console into DiamondLi, the company's high- pressure in-ground telescopic piston liing system. e control console, called ebright Smart Control System, has been integrated into the company's battery-operated cable mobile column lis as well as the ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging in-ground scissor-li- ing system, the EcoLi. Stertil-Koni says the addition of the ebright Smart Control System in the above ground console places all critical infor- mation directly at the fingertips of the technician on the shop floor. STERTIL-KONI USA Circle 174 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13174

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