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J u n e 2 018 A SP 65 Hunter adds WinAlign HD QuickGrip adaptors Hunter Engineering's new WinAlign HD QuickGrip adaptors are designed to speed alignment service and prevent rim damage. Hunter says commercial shops us- ing WinAlign HD and HD QuickGrip adaptors can easily measure all three axles of a heavy- duty vehicle simultaneously. e new adapters feature no metal-to-metal contact, which avoids rim damage. Hunter says the new WinAlign HD QuickGrip adaptors speed alignment checks, helping shops to sell more alignment service. HUNTER ENGINEERING CO. Circle 165 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13165 Philips Ultinon LEDs fit many applications Philips Ultinon LED (light emitting diode) lights from Lumileds LLC are designed to deliver brilliant, high-tech lighting with a choice of cool blue, intense red, intense amber or 6,000K bright white. Designed for performance and style, Phil- ips Ultinon LEDs provide excellent light distri- bution, with a wide angle and proper light diffu- sion so drivers can see and be seen better. Philips Ultinon LEDs are available for stop lights, turn signal lights, backup lights, taillights, position lights, hazard lights, trunk lights, glove compart- ment lights and interior floor lights. PHILIPS Circle 166 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13166 Centric Parts unveils Tactical police duty brake pads Centric Parts' new line of Tactical police duty brake pads by StopTech are engineered to deliver extended service life and silent, fade-free per- formance under the most grueling conditions. Specially formulated friction compounds are designed to eliminate fade in high-speed pur- suit situations and work silently when stealth is required. e brake pads feature the company's proprietary Mu500 "Chemically Enhanced Fric- tion Performance and Silent On Arrival" noise abatement technology and are AMECA (Auto- motive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency) approved. Centric Parts offers Tactical Police Duty Brake Pads for all current police pur- suit/patrol vehicles. CENTRIC PARTS Circle 167 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13167 KTI introduces 37-degree flaring die set K Tool International (KTI) has released the Flare 37 degree die set (part no. KTI70083). e company suggests pairing it with its professional brake line flaring tool (part no. KTI70081) to create perfect single, double and bubble flares effortlessly. e extra die set contains one-piece turret with seven adapters, and 4-piece tube-retaining dies to allow for OE- precision quality and safety. e company says the kit's turret style design makes leak-free and tight seals on 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch and 3/8- inch brake, power steering and transmission lines. K TOOL INTERNATIONAL Circle 168 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13168 S.U.R.&R. releases oil surface cleaner e new Oil Baron product line from S.U.R.&R., a division of Husky Corp., is designed to elimi- nate hydrocarbon spills and stains, making them nonflammable and nonhazardous in minutes. e company says the active ingredi- ents in Oil Baron are naturally oc- curring microbes which convert hydrocarbons like oil, grease, brake fluid, transmission fluid and grease into water and carbon dioxide. e liquid form can be applied to horizontal surfaces using mops, automated floor scrubbers and pressure-washers. e aerosol foam spray is ideal for cleaning tools, engine compartments and vertical surfaces. S.U.R.&R. Circle 169 on Reader Service Card WWW.ASPQUIKLINK.COM/13169

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