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62 A S P J u n e 2 018 T e c h n i c a l S e r v i c e B u l l e t i n s SUBARU NOISY SUBARU is bulletin ap- plies to 2011 Suba- ru Forester models e q u i p p e d w i t h a 2.5L naturally aspi- rated engine. When diagnosing an en- gine for an unusual sound and it's determined to be coming from the le side cylinder head area, the head, intake camsha, intake valves and all rocker arm pivots may need to be replaced. e sound can be heard at idle and increases with rpm, similar to the sound of a sewing machine. is sound is created by the contact of the pivot and rocker arm when the intake valve is approaching its seat. As a counter measure, a modi- fied cylinder head, intake camsha, intake valves and rocker arm pivots were incorporated into production Jan. 21, 2011, starting with engine number 0055031. All of the intake and exhaust rocker arm pivots on the le side must be replaced with the new rocker arm pivot part number. Failure to re- place both intake and exhaust pivots with the new part number will re- sult in camsha bind and/or insufficient valve clearance. Part Quantity New P/N Old P/N Head assembly, LH 1 11063AB652 1063AB650 Camshaft, INT, LH 1 13037AA802 13037AA801 Valve, INT 4 13201AA620 13201AA570 Pivot, rocker arm 8 13296AA051 13296AA040 FORD GURGLE, GURGLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE Some 2010 -2012 Ford Fu- sion (and 2010-2011 Mercu- ry Milan) vehicles equipped with the 2.5L DOHC engine may exhibit an audible noise in the heater core/instru- ment panel area oen de- scribed as a gurgle, waterfall or percolator sou nd . T h is concern t y pica l ly occurs on initial engine start first throttle tip-in, when the am- bient temperature is lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Install the Degas Service Kit using the supplied in- struction sheet. e Degas bottle included in the kit is from the MK2 and Fusion Sport. You should provide the correct coolant require- ment label (provided). T he D e ga s S er v ic e K it is ava i lable as P/N BE5Z- 8522-A. HONDA UNEVEN A/C TEMP is tip applies to all Honda models equipped with air con- ditioning. If the le dashboard side vent is warmer than the right side with the A/C on, chances are the evaporator core isn't being flooded with enough liquid refrigerant, causing it to fully vaporize halfway through the core. As a result, the side of the core with some refrigerant (right duct) stays cold, while the side that's fully vaporized (le duct) is warmer by about 20 degrees or more. e most likely cause is a low refrigerant charge, possibly from a leak. Another culprit may be a restricted line or component that's cutting the flow of liquid refrigerant. To find and fix this problem, follow the A/C performance leg of the online job aid A/C diagnostic process. Refrigerant vaporization with low charge.

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