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J u n e 2 018 A SP 57 Access to the proper information is vital. Many non-factory scanners can set up the OCS and re-calibrate or zero the weight sensors of the passenger seat, but other tools and equipment such as specialized weights may be needed. For example, Mazda requires two 44-pound weights and Dodge requires a unique set of assorted sizes and weights. Honda Civics up to 2011 are one of the few models that don't require a scanner to reset the OCS. It can be done using the MES connector special tool and following the same procedure as clearing the SRS codes (a scanner can be used, as well). Successful SRS repairs involve basics and the proper information e appropriate up-to-date service information is vital for a successful SRS repair and diagnostic and that information should be followed care- fully to ensure a complete repair and to prevent other issues. Attention to seemingly trivial details is im- portant, from proper wiring repairs to the cor- rect fastener torque specifications of SRS mod- ules, airbags and seat belts. Other basics such as After a collision that deploys the airbags like this one, there are a number of parts and pieces that are single use and will need to be set up to function properly again. These components all needed to be replaced after a collision. The clock spring was damaged when the airbag deployed, and the SRS module is only good for one accident event or deployment. C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 6 1 Circle 120 on Reader Service Card

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