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J u n e 2 018 A SP 55 Most SRS module setups need very specific routines and procedure to be completed for them to be initialized. Not following all the correct steps oen leads to other unrelated SRS codes. All late model GM vehicles now require that you subscribe to their SPS information ser- vice and use the web site for the proper setup of their SRS systems when a new SRS module is installed. It also sets up the OCS and other system components as needed. Ford's SRS mod- ules can't be handled without the use of a scan tool that can install the SRS as-built data or Making sure that you are reading the whole SRS code number is important, the suffix point to a area of concern. After a collision and repair, the SRS codes will have to be cleared and the occupant classification system (OCS) needs to be set up. This Mazda needed both. Circle 119 on Reader Service Card

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