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J u n e 2 018 A SP 43 TO L E A R N M O R E , S C A N Q R C O D E O R V I S I T : W W W. T R AC E R P R O D U C T S . C O M HEAR THE IMPOSSIBLE TIRES SUSPENSION EXHAUST AIR BRAKES AND MORE TP-9367L FIND LEAKS IN SECONDS BY MAKING THEM AUDIBLE AUDIBLE PROFESSIONAL OEM GRADE LEAK DETECTION a brake pad replacement aer the brake pads have been allowed to severely wear. If the vehi- cle was operated with thin pads for an extended period, the caliper piston travel distance within its bore has been limited, with possible rust/ contamination building up in the unused area of the piston bore. Once the new pads have been installed, this causes the piston(s) to be further retracted, now travelling win a non-smooth area of the bore, potentially resulting in the piston being slowed down or stuck in the con- taminated bore area. If a vibrational complaint involves the prob- lem occurring during braking, the most likely cause is a warped brake rotor, causing the pads to bounce on/away from the uneven rotor sur- face. Brake rotor warpage can result from vari- ous causes, including brake rotor overheating, lateral or radial runout, sticking caliper pistons and even improper wheel fastener torquing. Many passenger cars today feature thin-hat ro- tors that are easily distorted if the wheel fasten- ers are unevenly or excessively tightened. is is another reminder that a calibrated torque wrench should always be used, especially when installing alloy wheels. Avoid the use of impact Circle 114 on Reader Service Card

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