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J u n e 2 018 A SP 33 height can create a host of steering control and component wear issues. Brake line corrosion, particularly in Rust Belt areas where salt/brine is placed on road- ways, is a real problem. Regardless of the coat- ings applied to some lines, the corrosion prob- lem hasn't gone away. Regarding strut suspensions, the weak link is the upper bearing, as this experiences the weight of the vehicle. In Rust Belt areas, this issue in- creases. Pay attention to coil springs in terms of fa- tigue and fracture. Rust, cracking and fracture seem to be more common with smaller gauge coil wire, especially at the bottom where the coil sits in its seat, where water and salt collects. Struts that feature a pinch bolt mount at the bottom (as opposed to twin bolts at a flange), strut tubes can bend on hard impacts/rough roads. One notable issue that we're seeing lately is increased failure of aluminum steering knuckles and control arms. e soer metal is conducive to tapered bores wearing out-of-round due to ne- glect or improper installations. As the holes wear, the studs move around and the wear is acceler- ated. Proper fastener tightening is critical. We really need to stress torquing fasteners to the OE specification to avoid this. From a service standpoint, we're seeing a substantial move toward using complete as- semblies, as opposed to repairing/rebuilding. Examples include complete strut assemblies, A strut damper/shock absorber bent rod is an indication that the internal valving is sticking and preventing full travel, resulting in deflection of the rod. Check coil spring condition, looking for severe corrosion, cracks and breakage. This may be more common with lighter vehicles that feature smaller gauge coil wire, which is more prone to corrosion failure at the bottom of the spring where it sits in the lower spring pocket where water and salt collects. PHOTO COURTESY FEDERAL-MOGUL MOTORPARTS PHOTO COURTESY FEDERAL-MOGUL MOTORPARTS

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