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32 A S P J u n e 2 018 C h a s s i s S e r v i c e T By Mike Mavrigian Following are a range of applicable comments by Mark Isaac, Federal-Mogul Motorparts master instructor in the firm's Garage Gurus program. Today, we're seeing more bushing failures, for example in lower control arms with ver- tical bushings. We see lots of rubber deteriora- tion. As this continues, increased arm movement occurs where the bolt is vertical. Ball joint and tie rod wear, as you might expect, is more common on heavier vehicles such as trucks, as opposed to lighter passenger cars. With the increased popula- tion of crossover vehicles, we're also seeing more ball joint and tie rod wear as compared to lighter, compact passenger cars. Light truck owners oen present additional challenges when they "upgrade" to larger wheel/ tire combinations. Increased loads are oen pre- sented to suspension and steering components. Noticeable shimmy/wobble issues can easily be created, most commonly on trucks that feature a solid front axle when greater wheel offsets and/or larger tires are installed, magnifying the shimmy or wobble. In severe cases, a "death wobble" can be created that intensifies in relation to speed. Tie rods can take a beating, and ball joint bolt holes can wear mounting holes eccentrically. Liing or lowering the truck also can create odd and wear-inducing angles to pitman arms, steering arms, etc. Some aermarket ride height altering kits are available to compensate, in an attempt to place the steering component angles back in plane, but if correct components and pro- cedures aren't employed, altering the truck's ride Tips and diagnostics from the experts CHASING Diagnosing chassis issues, including noise, vibration and drivability concerns ranges from the simple to the difficult-to-pinpoint. In this article we'll discuss a variety of tips, both vehicle-specific and generic. As part of the article, we've included insightful comments from Federal-Mogul Motorparts and Arnott. c h as s i s c o m p la i nt s

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