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J u n e 2 018 A SP 27 RETAINING RING PLIERS Also available in a six piece kit or individually. • Convertible for use on internal/external snap rings • Cushioned grip handles • Ergonomically designed switch allows user to change between internal and external with ease without separating the pliers • Packaged in a plastic blow molded case for protection and easy use NEW Part# 3595 85 YEARS OF QUALITY TOOLS! switch opens and closes when the wipers reach the bottom of the windshield. If this doesn't happen, replace the wiper motor. Service position: VW/Audi and others Although not related to a failure or diagnostics, many vehicles have wipers that are parked below the cowl and always park there when the ignition is turned off. is can make wiper blade replace- ment and wiper arm service difficult or seemingly impossible. Most service information doesn't help with this procedure, but the vehicle owner's manual will, as well as information on the internet. On most VW and Audi models, service posi- tion can be activated aer turning the ignition off by gently pulling down on the wiper switch stock (within 5 seconds). e wipers will move up onto the windshield and park, entering service position. Many BMWs function the same way. Nissan's Juke wiper service mode is reached by turning off the ignition and tapping the wiper stock up twice within 5 seconds, causing the wip- ers to move up onto the window glass. Clearing this all up Electronically controlling every aspect of today's vehicles isn't just a trend... it's become routine, and the wiper system is part of this effort. e precise position control of a direct drive encoder wiper motor allows the wiper blade to get closer to the windshield A-pillar and lower into the cowl on each swipe. is greatly adds to driver visibil- ity and safety, but there are other benefits: e wipers can be placed under the hood edge in the down cycle out of the wind during intermittent operation, resulting in less noise and improved aerodynamics. Another feature of a computerized wiper sys- There are marks are on the factory windshield of a 2016 Ford Escape (arrows) to help wiper arm alignment (close-up of the mark on the right). Circle 108 on Reader Service Card

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