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26 A S P J u n e 2 018 unplug the SCCM, then turn the ignition on again. If the wipers shut off, this again points to the switch as the culprit. It's important to note that the ignition must be off before unplugging the SCCM because the wiper motor will default to the last function that it was performing. You may have to disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset the default wiper operation on many networked-controlled wiper systems, even aer the repair. e F-150 wiper motor (it's the module controlling wiper motor operation) will remember the last functional operation mode that it received and could default to this mode even af- ter a repair. Disconnecting the battery usually re- sets this issue. NOTE: Because the wipers are a vital safety re- quirement, if the network control fails that controls the wiper motors operation, the wiper motor will usually default to a low speed continuous operation regardless of the wiper switch position, until the full network control is restored. 2008-2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, Town &Coun- try: Wipers run all the time. An all-modules scan displays trouble code U1149:00 in various modules. is code indicates an issue in the LIN from the multifunction switch or steering control module (SCM) to the cabin compartment node (CCN), aka... the instrument cluster. Testing should start by observing the scan data in the SCM and looking at the wiper switch data with the switch off. But typically, with this code there will be no communications with the SCM module and it won't show up on an all-mod- ule scan. Next, unplug the SCM and check the volt- age on the LIN wire. It should be between 7 and 12 volts. If this voltage is present, the likely issue is going to be the SCM itself. Replacement of the SCM is plug and play. 2008-2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, Town and Country: Wipers won't park and run on low when in intermittent mode. An all-modules scan may display trouble code B2305. is code indicates that the wiper mo- tor park switch circuit is high. e first step is to clear the code and cycle the wipers three times. If the code returns immediately, disconnect the wip- er motor and check for voltage at pin A (brown/ gray wire), the front wiper park sense circuit. is wire should have 5 volts, supplied from the TIPM. e wiper motor park switch pulls this circuit to ground when the motor is in the park position (this switch position is displayed in the TIPM's data stream). If there is no voltage on this wire and the wire's integrity to the TIPM is OK, then replac- ing the TIPM should fix the issue (TIPM replace- ment will require some extra programming steps). If there is the required 5 volts at pin A, reconnect the wiper motor and back probe pin A with a self- powered electronic test light. Watch the voltage indicator lights with the wiper motor turned on. ey should flash from power to ground as the This screen capture from a 2013 Ford Escape shows the instructions to set the WMM up in the BCM after the wiper arms have been removed. Once the mode is entered, the wiper arms must be positioned according to the service information. The data is then stored in the BCM. W i p e r S e r v i c e

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