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24 A S P J u n e 2 018 mode, so you must pay attention to the time. With the wiper motors in the locked position, mark the wiper arm positions (factory windshields have alignment marks, and the le wiper is always po- sitioned above the right) and remove them. Once both arms are removed you can now turn the igni- tion switch off. When reinstalling the wiper arms, they need to be installed in the exact same position that they were removed from. Again, the ignition is turned on to lock the motors. is allows the arms to be reinstalled using your marks or the factory marks. If there are no marks on the windshield there are measurements (found in the service information) that will locate the wipers on the windshield rela- tive the cowl. In some cases, a wiper initialization procedure is required (year/make/model dependent) and a scan tool is required to perform this operation, so checking service information is important. ere is a recall (NHTSA campaign 12V149000) affecting certain 2012 Focus models, due to a cor- rosion issue in the right-side motor for a missing or failed weather tight seal on the motor's electri- cal connection. is Ford direct wiper system will also generate fault codes, created by communica- tions errors or motor issues and a scan tool will be needed to properly diagnose those faults. Trouble codes BCMs, networks and wiper control Today's wiper systems are nearly all controlled by a networked module of some description, depending on what the manufacturer chooses. is module control of the wiper system also means that diag- nostics may not be as simple as in the past when using a regular 12-volt test light was acceptable. Many vehicles now use the hood switch as an in- put into the operation of the wipers. e result is that the wipers will not function when the hood is open, so it is vital to ensure that a simple hood switch isn't the issue with non-functional wipers/wiper motors before digging into a complicated diagnosis. e first step in identifying a wiper system concern should start with a thorough visual and basic inspection; wiring, fuses, grounds and link- ages (if equipped) should all be inspected, followed by connecting a scan tool to retrieve trouble codes and diagnostic information. A full system trouble code scan using an up-to-date scan tool should be performed. It's important to scan all vehicle mod- ules, as the wiper system may not have its own dedicated module. Wiper systems today are frequently network controlled from another module somewhere on the vehicle, so a code that could assist in diagnos- tics may not be in the module that you would as- sume. It could be the BCM, steering angle sensor module (SASM), totally integrated power module (TIPM), steering column control module (SCCM) or any other module the manufacturer selects. Is- sues such as wipers that won't turn off, only work on low speed regardless of speed setting or won't park, are common glitches that can be caused by communications issues, broken or damaged com- munications lines or total failures in the module that controls the wiper operation. Common codes, failures and wiper control issues 2011-2014 F-150, Explorer, Edge and MKX: Wip- ers run on low speed or intermittent even when the switch is off. An all modules, a scan may retrieve trouble code B1131:08 (wiper motor module bus signal failure) from the SCCM. is code will set if there is a communications issue on the LIN between the SCCM and the wiper motor. With the scan tool connected, look at the wiper switch parameter identification (PID) data. With the wiper switch in the off position, all PIDs should read OFF. If any of the PIDs read ON, then the multifunction switch is the most common cause of this issue. If all PIDs do read OFF, then turn off the ignition and then This module function diagram for a 2014 Ford Focus shows the data lines, modules and systems that are involved in wiper function and operation. Note that the washer motor control comes from the driver's wiper motor. W i p e r S e r v i c e

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