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J u n e 2 018 A SP 23 ule (BCM) controlling the wiper function. Because the BCM is sharing information from other vehicle modules, features such as speed sensitive wiper operation, rain sensor integration, courtesy wipe function or headlights on with wiper operation is easily programmed and controlled. Because each wiper motor works indepen- dently, each motor needs to know exactly what the other is doing (wiper arm speed and location) so they don't get tangled. e driver's side (le) wiper motor is the pri- mary motor. It coordinates and controls the op- eration of both motors (and the washer pump on Focus and Fusion from 2014) using a private LIN that links to the passenger side wiper motor. e driver's side wiper motor is also connected to the BCM via another LIN connection. If you are doing wiper arm, wiper motor, wind- shield replacement or cowl service on one of these Ford models equipped with direct drive wiper mo- tors, checking your information service for the proper procedure should be your first step, before the wiper arms are removed. ese direct drive wiper motors aren't geared or mechanically linked to each other and when the key is off the wiper arms can be easily moved anywhere on the windshield. is free wiper arm movement results in significant changes to the way that these systems are serviced. To remove the wiper arms on these Ford di- rect drive wiper motors, they must be placed into the locked position. To enter the locked position, cycle the wipers for one complete wipe cycle to the parked position and then turn the wiper switch off but leave the ignition on. is puts the wiper motors in the locked position to allow service. But this locked position will only last about five minutes or until the vehicle goes into battery saver The direct drive individual motors of this 2014 Ford Escape allow the wipers to come very close to the A-pillar without hitting it, increasing the drivers clear field of vision. DIAGNOSTICS

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