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8 | ASP April 2018 Letters Readers comment on rant about engine covers Hello, Mike, I've been reading your columns for years and I read your editorial in the February 2018 edition of Auto Service Professional with great interest! Be careful with trashing plastic engine covers. ey do serve a very valuable function — they suppress engine noise. is is especially important on gasoline direct injection vehicles. e mechanical pump and injectors make lots of noise. at's why the cover has lots of foam on the underside, to quiet things down. I mention this because, at the dealership I work at, we've had the lube kids forget to reinstall the covers numerous times. e customer is back in no time complaining of strange underhood noises that weren't there before you touched it! As for the teenage snowflake that can't change a flat tire in the TV ad you ranted about, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." Todd M. Technician Hi, Mike, As a technician, I feel the same way about these engine covers, but one threw me for a loop. A late model Nissan pickup had to have the cover removed to replace a sensor (see photo at left). e cover was held on by three mounts — two on the right side and one on the left. e two on the right let the cover loose very easily, but I was having a difficult time with the other one not giving up the cover. I twisted and tugged with that last one. Finally I heard a small crack/snap sound and off came the cover. e snap sound was the plastic valve cover that had the mount attached to it. e mount came off with the cover and now was a gaping hole in the cover. I never thought that could happen. Sometimes these covers are more seriously mounted than we think. I learned from that. Stephen S. Master Technician Hi, Mike, ank you for your rant! I have to relate the story of a guy with a Chrysler product who insisted that I neglected to re-install the engine cover on his car. He wouldn't believe me — I finally had to call the dealership to prove to him that his particular year/model car never had one! e other thing I have found is it makes a really nice house for rodents so they can chew up all the wiring underneath! Keep up the entertainment! Judy Mayne, Owner Judy's Automotive San Rafael, Calif. (Editor's note: See our Business Profile on Judy's Automotive on page 24.)

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