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55 | ASP April 2018 Technical Service Bulletins Chevrolet SPARKY NEEDS A LUBE Owners of a 2012-2013 Chevy Spark may comment that the keyless entry remote is inoperative at times. is may be caused by the ignition key cylinder door sticking in the up position. When this happens, it will disable the keyless remote start and the door lock functions. Customers may notice a chime sound when the key is out of the ignition and the driver door is open. e likely cause is a sticking ignition key cylinder door on the plunger to the micro switch. GM suggests not to replace the ignition key cylinder. Use a Lubriplate-type of lubrication, spray and lubricate the ignition key cylinder door. Insert the tip of the key in and out to verify that the door of the cylinder is not sticking. Dodge DART REFLASH is bulletin applies to 2013 Dodge Dart vehicles equipped with a 1.4L engine and the C635 manual transmission. e customer may indicate that they feel an A/C engagement bump during accelera- tion when ambient temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a lack of power. e fix involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the PCM with new software. e wiTECH software level must be at release 13.02 or higher to perform this procedure. Install a battery charger to ensure that battery voltage does not drop below 13.02 volts or rise above 13.5 volts during the flash. e following must be performed once the PCM has been reflashed: • Turn the ignition key OFF for a minimum of 10 seconds to allow the module to update and power down. • Turn the ignition ON. • Using the wiTECH at the home screen, select PCM. • DTC P1302 — Transmission self-learning will be present. Depress the clutch fully to allow the DTC to store. • Perform the Cruise Control Learn Proce- dure. Press, then release, the Cruise ON/ OFF button on the steering wheel. Start the engine. Press the Cruise ON/OFF button to verify that the Cruise indicator illuminates on the cluster. • Perform the TLC relearn procedure. a. Select PCM from Vehicle View. b. Select the Misc. Functions Tab. c. Set the parking brake and start the engine. d. Select the "Clear Mis-fire TLC" func- tion and verify that the Misfire TLC has been cleared. e. Select the "Monitors drop down list and select "OBDII Monitors." f. Select the "Mis-fire Mon SWC" screen. g. While watching the Mis-fire Mon SWC screen, allow the engine to warm up until the coolant temp has reached 140 degrees F. h. Once coolant temp has reached 140 degrees, perform a 6,000 rpm wide open throttle stab and let rpm return to idle. i. Verify that the Mis-fire monitor status on the Mis-fire Mon SWC screen has changed from "Waiting" to "In Progress." If 6,000 rpm was not achieved, perform Step H again. • Clear any DTCs that may have set in other modules. Type the necessary information on an Authorized Modifications Label and attach it near the VECI label. ■ TSB information provided by Shown in the photo above is the ignition key cylinder door in the correct position.

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