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31 | ASP April 2018 Circle 114 on Reader Service Card Philips Ultinon LED interior & exterior lighting Automotive lighting Gives them more colors. Gets you more sales. Philips Ultinon LEDs deliver brilliant lighting performance in a choice of four colors: blue, intense red, intense amber, or 6000K bright white. Easy to install and available for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, Ultinon LEDs are direct replacements for conventional bulbs. Technical Technicians need to understand these changes. Consider this: Refrigerant oil does not dis- solve in R-134a and the refrigerant by itself is a powerful degreaser. Compressor lubrication depends on sufficient liquid refrigerant to carry oil around the system. Since all systems leak refrigerant over time, eventually the liquid refrigerant level in the evaporator drops too low to carry the oil up and out of the evaporator and back to the compressor. As the compressor wears, fine microscopic abrasive particulates slough off the pistons and cylinder walls and are transported throughout the system. Many of these abrasive par- ticles become trapped in the oil which has pooled at the bottom of the evaporator; think valve lapping compound! If the system is recharged without removing this dirty oil, premature compressor failure is inevitable. is is why flushing of components not being Whenever servicing a hybrid, such as the Prius, it's a good idea to place a high voltage warning sign if the hood is left open. This reminds other techs not to touch any of the orange high voltage cables.

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