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17 | ASP April 2018 Circle 108 on Reader Service Card If you think we sell high-quality hose, YOU'RE ONLY 1/3 RIGHT. Rein Automotive is your dealer alternative for anti-vibration, cooling system, and power steering components. TO LEARN MORE, VISIT REINAUTOMOTIVE.COM © CRP Industries Inc. All rights reserved. Brought to you by: Technical Keep in mind that these systems actually came out as early as 1998 on a couple of Ford PFI systems. GM also used these systems as early as 2007 on some of their PFI systems. NOTE: On the Ford system, the fuel pump control module supplies the ground for the fuel pump and the module together. On the F-series pickup this aluminum- housed module in mounted to a steel cross member. Dissimilar metal corrosion takes effect and you lose the fuel pump ground. Ford actually has a TSB fix for this problem. On GDI systems you will have either version. For initial diagnostics, supply side pressure to the high pressure pump must be checked first (see Figure 2). e top scan tool graphic is low side supply pressure at about 60 psi. e bottom graph is high side injector rail pressure. At frame 17 we did a WOT power brake Figure 2: The top scan tool graphic shows low side pressure at about 60 psi. The bottom graph shows high side injector rail pressure. At frame 17, we performed a WOT power brake. Note that the high side pressure reached 9.8 mega pascals.

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