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10 | ASP April 2018 Technical Tech tip Replacing a TIPM in a 2007 Jeep Compass A number of Chrysler vehicles equipped with a TIPM (totally integrated power module) experience any of a number of system failures due to all circuits running through this one fuse/relay box, located underhood. e issue appears to include models years 2007-2017. We recently ran into a prime example involving a 2007 Jeep Compass (2.4L) with a multitude of issues including a non-working left headlight, no brake lights, no horn, inter- mittent wiper, A/C and radio faults and ESP (electronic stability program) warning light on the dash. In addition, the engine experi- enced intermittent no-starts and unexpected engine shut down during idle. e problems seemed to narrow down to a faulty TIPM. On the Compass, this is located underhood at the left side, next to the battery. is box contains all vehicle fuses and relays. Apparently, a printed circuit board inside the unit tends to have issues due to voltage spikes, age and vibration. e factory replacement costs approximately $1,000, which is a heavy hit for anyone's wallet. Luckily, Cardone offers a quality reman unit that ranges from about $300 to $500, depending on the vehicle build date. In the case of the Compass, if the vehicle was built before June 12, 2006, P/N 73-1533 is required. If built after June 12, 2006, the correct P/N is 73-1504. e reman TIPM even includes all fuses and relays, pre-installed. e reman process involves updating both hardware and software, 100% re-soldering of critical components to eliminate intermittent failures, followed by automated computer testing. Luckily, the required labor is minimal. Disconnect the nega- tive battery cable, and simply unplug all connections from the underside of the unit. Note that the three large white connectors feature lever locks. Use a flat blade screwdriver to push the red locking tabs into the unlock The TIPM for our 2007 Jeep Compass example is P/N 73-1504, since the vehicle was built in January 2007. If built prior to June 12, 2006, the P/N is 73-1533. Connectors are all located on the underside of the TIPM. The three large connectors on the under- side of the high side feature lever locks. The connections on the longer wised are color coded for easy placement. All new fuses are already loaded in the reman TIPM. No need to swap fuses from the old unit. The original TIPM pops loose from its snap-in retainers. The factory harness is not very long. All connections are reasonably accessible except for the large white connector closest to the front of the vehicle.

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