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54 | ASP February 2018 Technical Service Bulletins defective, the entire flange with the three glow plugs must be replaced to avoid coolant leaks. Ford FAULTY FIESTA FUSE Some 2011 Ford Fiesta vehicles may exhibit a MIL on with DTC U029F set in the PCM, and/or a no-crank condition with no commu- nication with the PCM. 1. Disconnect the battery. 2. Inspect fuse F27 in the battery junction box for a possible open condition. Replace the fuse as required. 3. Remove the rear seat cushion. 4. Determine the vehicle build date. Is the date on or before 3/29/2011? a. Yes... Install the in-line fuse included with the natural vacuum leak detection (NVLD) service kit. b. No... Inspect the in-line NVLD fuse. If the fuse is open, replace the 1A fuse and install a new NVLD service kit. If the fuse is closed, install the rear seat cushion and connect the battery. Refer to the Powertrain Control/ Emissions Diagnosis manual, pinpoint test HZ for normal diagnostics. 5. Install the rear seat cushion. 6. Connect the battery. P/N PART AE8Z-9J279-L NVLD module and hose assembly (4 door) AE8Z-9J279-M NVLD module and hose assembly (5 door) 9L 3Z-14526-BA BJB fuse BE8Z-14526-A A 1A fuse Chevrolet START WITH THE BASICS Some owners of 2010-2013 Chevy Camaro SS models may complain about an SES light along with a misfire. Upon inspection, any of the following DTCs may be present: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P0307 and/or P0308. is problem may simply be the result of a loose spark plug wire at an ignition coil. Ford MOODY MUSTANG Some 2011-2013 Ford Mustangs may exhibit an intermittent drivability condition, crank/ no-start, or a blown fuse 13 in the battery junction box. DTC P0627 may be stored in the PCM. Follow this procedure to fix: 1. Remove the rear seat cushion. 2. Inspect the fuel pump module wire harness for chafing. 3. If chafing is found, re-route the wiring harness so that it will lie in the recess area of the rear seat when the seat cushion is installed. 4. Reinstall the rear seat cushion and verify the repair. If the number 13 fuse was blown, replace with a 15 amp mini-fuse, P/N F2UZ- 14526-N. ■ Route the fuel pump module wiring harness in the recess area so that the rear seat cushion does not depress and rub on the harness. This photograph shows that the in-line fuse is ac- cessed by removing the rear seat cushion.

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