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48 | ASP February 2018 Technical charging the dead battery, the issue may be presented. Apparently, the dead battery problem may have caused the RCDLR (remote control door lock receiver) and RKE (remote keyless entry) transmitter to not function after the serial data bus has gone to sleep. e RKE transmitter rolling codes may become out of synch with the RCDLR, result- ing in intermittent operation of the keyless entry system, poor RKE range and service tire monitor system message. If the key fob(s) are inoperative and the TPMS is not reading correctly (dashes on all four tire readings), the technician may find DTCs C0775 (low tire pressure system sensors not programmed), C0569 (system configuration error), B3105 (keyless entry fobs not programmed) set in the RCDLR module. e technician may find that the TPMS sensors are unable to be programmed to the vehicle by adding or releasing pressure to the tires while in the TPMS learn mode. According to GM, you need to reprogram the RCDLR with an updated software calibra- tion using a Tech 2. Once the module has been re-flashed, it may be necessary to relearn all keyless entry transmitter fobs, reconfigure the tire pressure placards and tire type and relearn all TPMS sensors. If the Tech 2 cannot establish communica- tion with the RCDLR and the programming event ended with "error," attempt to reprogram by selecting "remote control door lock receiver with E4399 error....pass thru only." However, if reprogram- ming does not work, the RCDLR module may need to be replaced because it went to sleep and can no longer maintain its information. Another possible glitch with GM systems involves the addition of a two-way remote start option that may have been dealer-installed. If the customer complains about having a constant or intermittent "service tire pressure system" message, along with key fob range issues and/or remote start issues, check to see if a two-way remote start system has been added. Possible trouble codes include C0750 (low LF tire pressure), C0755 (RF low pressure), C0760 (low LR pressure) and C0765 (low RR pressure). Check for the proper placement of the remote start antenna and check for pinched wires between the antenna and the receiver. Antenna placement differs with the vehicle model, so check with the Accessories Instal- lation Manual in the service manual for vehicle-specific antenna placement. Apparently, a small change in antenna loca- tion can drastically decrease the operating range. If the antenna is damaged, it's available separately. ■ TPMS PARTS AND TOOL SOURCES AirTech TPMS ATEQ TPMS Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. Bartec USA Continental Automotive Systems Inc./Continental VDO Dill Air Control Products Hamaton Inc. Huf North America JDI Dynamic/John Dow Industries JS Products Inc. Regitar USA Inc. Revolution Supply Co./Oro Tek Schrader-Bridgeport Interna- tional Inc./Sensata Technologies Standard Motor Products Inc. (SMP) Xtra Seal/Group 31 Inc.

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