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27 | ASP February 2018 Circle 110 on Reader Service Card CHOOSE THE BRAND THAT MEANS POWER Large or Small, Lead Acid or Lithium Jump-N-Carry jump starters are ideal for use in a wide variety of jump starting environments, including automotive, marine, fleet and industrial. Extreme jump starting power, long cranking duration and extended service life are the key features of Jump-N-Carry. New JNC311 and JNC318 lithium jump starters bring dependable power, valuable features and trademark durability to this class of product. Model JNC318 features a PreHeat mode to overcome frigid temperatures, a challenge for many lithium units. Both models feature enhanced safety circuitry for peace of mind. Whether you rock it old school or prefer the new kid on the block, Jump-N-Carry means power, each time and every time you use it. Technical owner's manual explains how to perform a manual release. ese BMW EPB motors also have a set of plastic gears that go bad and wear to look like an apple core. ey are not available from BMW, but replacement gears are available online. e cost savings is substantial when the complete unit that the dealer will supply is more than $1,000. e EPB unit can be re- initialized manually after gear replacement by pressing the parking brake button three times with five-second intervals between pushes. e motor will try to release the brakes, then apply the brakes and finally release the brakes to complete the initialization. A BMW- compatible scanner also can be used. Integrated EPB system caliper servicing tricks Using a scan tool is typically going to be the manufacturer's recommended method to retract the calipers to their service position to allow rear brake service or pad replacement. e scan tool is then used again to exit the service mode and automatically adjust the pads to the correct clearance after the rear brake service is performed. But there are several makes and models that allow maintenance or service mode to be reached without a scan tool. Ford integrated EPB system caliper servic- ing without a scan tool EPB Service mode or EPB maintenance mode can be entered on the 2016 F-150 or the 2015 Ford Fusion hybrid using the following This scanner screen shot illustrates some of the options that are available when servicing an elec- tric parking brake system on a 2007 BMW 76i that features a cable puller style EPB system.

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