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26 | ASP February 2018 Technical pistons (typically using the amperage that the applying motors are consuming). It can also monitor the temperature of the clamping motors and control unit. e EPB system also will perform self- diagnostics and will set and record trouble codes if it sees a problem. Codes can be set for any number of reasons, including overheated motors, shorts, opens, unintentional grounds, communication errors. is information also aids in diagnostics. EPB provides a safer and more accurate parking brake system and while servicing them involves learning a few new tricks, it's not too intimidating. Proper up-to-date and valid service infor- mation is vital for proper and safe repairs of the EPB system. Vehicles equipped with EPB may experience unexpected parking brake application, which could result in personal injury and system damage. e EPB system must be in service or maintenance mode prior to servicing or removing rear brake components. Cable puller EPB system tricks Performing certain brake services will depend on the EPB system you are dealing with. Rear brake pad service or even caliper replacement on GM's Chevy and Cadillac models with the cable puller EPB system is performed similar to a non-powered parking brake system. But if any parking brake cable or EPB unit replacement is required, the EPB will need to be put into service mode. is can be done manually using the service port on the EPB module and backing the motor off by hand, using the proper tool. Don't be tempted to use a power tool, as it may cause damage to the EPB unit. A scan tool may also be used to get the EPB assem- bly into service mode and is the preferred method. But after the cables are replaced, the EPB needs to be tensioned and this can only be done using a scan tool following the specific reset calibration procedure. Lexus has a similar manual release proce- dure available for their cable puller design, but again after the service work has been performed, a scan tool that will communicate bidirectional with the EPB module is going to be needed to finish the repair, and turn off the EPB light. e BMW 750LI (other BMW models also use a cable puller design and the EPB unit is mounted under the rear cargo area) uses a cable puller EPB and the module is in the trunk. If anything gets spilled or the trunk has a water leak, the EPB module is in the low spot and can be damaged. is water intru- sion can cause the EPB module to freeze, seize up or turn on the EPB light. e BMW tool kit does supply the tool needed to manually release the EPB if it will move (they are usually seized solid) and the These photos illustrate the EPB caliper assembly on a 2017 Ford Fusion. These electronic-activated cal- ipers can easily be retracted without the need of a scan tool, following a specific factory procedure to activate and deactivate the service mode by taking advantage of brake pedal and EPB switch inputs.

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