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21 | ASP February 2018 Business frequently talked about opening their own shop and working together. e day finally came when they decided to commit to their long-time dream, and in 1992 Danny gave his notice and Charlotte quit her job at an insurance company, and Moss Automotive was born. Along the way, both of the couple's sons, David and Kyle, worked at the shop as well, exposing them to their father's hard-work ethic. is was truly an example of dedicated people who chased the American dream and realized their goals. e business operated in a smaller facility for a few years before moving into the current 8,400-square-foot building, which Danny personally designed, with par- ticular attention to shop layout to maximize efficiency. Parts purchases We asked, "On a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 having no influence and 5 having the greatest influence, what determines your parts buying decisions?" ey said: Price ............................................ 2 Brand name recognition ........ 3 Promotion in racing ................ 0 Perceived quality ...................... 3 Availability/time ...................... 3 Danny noted that the shop probably uses more OEM parts than most shops. A sub- stantial volume of their Motorcraft and Delco parts come from Parts Authority, Weaver Distributors and Southeastern Automotive. "We have accounts with many of the local car dealerships in town. If we do choose to use aftermarket parts, they usually come from NAPA, O'Reilly or Advance." "Danny is a stickler for quality," noted Charlotte. "Brands are important and he is very particular, always striving to use only the best parts available, regardless of cost. e suppliers we use are close to our shop and offer great service, as well as better pricing, than buying from car dealers, with regard to ACDelco, Motorcraft, etc." Business philosophy As both Danny and Charlotte noted, "We are a family-run business and we like to think of our business as 'family taking care of family.'" ey have always been hands-on: Danny works on vehicles and Charlotte does the service write- ups and interacts with the custom- ers. "Having been in business almost 26 years, we have watched many of our customers' children grow up and have families of their own," says Charlotte. "And they are still our customers. Approach to training Danny said, "We take advantage of all classes, training videos and manufacturer clinics that we have access to. We also subscribe to a number of OE parts and repair networks, staying up-to-date on new technol- ogy, diagnostic and repair information." He routinely updates shop equipment hardware and software to make sure that his techs have the best tools and training to maximize diagnostic and repair performance. How does ASP benefit your business? Danny said, "We look forward to each issue. e technical articles are always of interest, along with up-to-date insight into new tools and equipment. Auto Service Professional is one of the 'must read' publications we get." ■ The company's customer waiting room is furnished to provide a clean and comfortable "home" atmosphere, say the owners. The roomy shop features multiple lifts and excellent lighting. The owners stay abreast of the current technology and routinely update the shop with the latest equipment.

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