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20 | ASP February 2018 Business Moss Automotive Repair A family business taking care of 'family' M oss Automotive, located in Al- pharetta, Ga., was started by Danny and Charlotte Moss in 1992. Alpharetta, located about 26 miles due north of Atlanta, boasts a population of over 57,000 and is the home of famed Georgia State University. e area still maintains many historic buildings, but in recent years, it has experienced a boom in high-dollar construction, including celebrity-level multi- million dollar mansions and upscale retail complexes and ritzy condos. Once a quaint small town, Alpharetta has blossomed into an upscale area. According to Danny and Charlotte, devel- opment has "just blown off the map," with an influx of people who work in the Atlanta area but desire the lifestyle offered by both the small town flavor and the burgeoning vitality. Charlotte noted that the majority of well-to-do residents who now reside in town but work in Atlanta tend to have service done in the Atlanta area, closer to their work places and the expansive array of new car dealerships, while Moss's clientele primary consists of customers who both live and work in Alpharetta. The beginnings Moss Automotive was born out of a longtime desire to open a shop that offers the highest level of quality, but there's more to the story. Charlotte and Danny met in grade school and eventually became high school sweethearts. At age 17, Danny owned a 1965 Mustang, and decided to rebuild the worn-out engine. While he didn't have access to a shop area at the time, Charlotte's father offered to let Danny use his basement for the project. Upon seeing an empty block and parts scattered throughout the room, apparently Charlotte's father shook his head and said "that engine will never run again." Despite the pessimism, Danny finished the engine, installed it into the Mustang, and it ran like a fine watch. During the same period, his mother's car had a drivability issue, which he diagnosed and successfully repaired. With these pride- inspiring results, Danny was hooked. He focused his efforts on bolstering his automo- tive skills, and subsequently worked at an area service shop for 14 years, during which time he earned ASE Master Tech certification. Before and after they got married, the couple Moss Automotive Repair Alpharetta, Georgia • Owners: Danny and Charlotte Moss • Office assistant: Karla Jordan • Business founded: 1992 • Number of bays: 12 • Number of certified technicians: 2 • Shop size: 8,400 square feet • Vehicles serviced per month: 125 • Hourly labor rate: $107.78 • Average spent on tools and equipment annually: $15,000 – $20,000 • Vehicle makes serviced: Domestic and import, specializing in diagnostics • Website: Moss Automotive Repair boasts an 8,400-square- foot shop with 12 service bays in the town of Alpharetta, Ga., about 26 miles north of Atlanta.

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