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19 | ASP February 2018 Circle 107 on Reader Service Card #9107A Uses dynamic load simulation to sync with a vehicle's trailer detection system and read real- time, brake force output gain and timing. Innovative Products of America® | 845-679-4500 | USA MANUFACTURER OF INNOVATIVE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT | ©2018 Innovative Products of America® Inc. Tests Truck-Side Brake Controller Output and All Tow-Lighting Functions Without a Trailer 7-Way Spade/Flat Vehicle Female Socket (Front View) 25 ft. Cable for One-Man Testing ELECTRIC BRAKE FORCE METER Technical waveform from a Toyota engine. Notice the good spark duration period of over 1.5 milliseconds. In the real world we all certainly use spark testers to check for spark. As I stated earlier, all COP coils have the ability to crank out a good and consistent 25 KV demand. While that is the real world initial test, we explained the diagnostic value of using the amp probe and by looking at secondary with the secondary lead between the coil and spark plug and then by using the secondary KV probe from your scope to monitor not only spark but the combustion event as well. In addition, as you will recall there are some very distinct differences between the COP systems we covered in this article. ■ Figure 10 Figure 11 Bill Fulton is the author of Mitchell's Advanced Engine Per formance Diagnostics and Advanced Engine Diagnostics manuals. He is also the author of several lab scope and drivabilit y manuals. He is a certified Master Technician with over 30 years of training and R&D experience. He currently owns and operates Ohio Automotive Technology in the Columbus, Ohio, area, which is an automotive repair and research development center.

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