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69 | ASP October 2017 Technical Green for go Whenever servicing a vehicle on a two- or four-post lift, the vehicle should be raised slightly above working position, then lowered onto its mechanical locks. is is standard practice and provides a critical measure of safety, in case the hydraulic system fails. Unfortunately, some technicians tend to ignore this procedure, especially when they're in a rush. Adding an alert in the form of a bright light lets the tech (as well as the shop manager) know that the lift arms are indeed resting on the locks. Rotary offers its Lock- Light, which can be mounted to any two- or four-post lift. Measuring about 4 inches square, it's connected to the lift's hydraulic system. As soon as the arms rest of the locks and hydraulic pressure is relieved, the bright green light illuminates, verifying that the locks are engaged. It's a great safety feature. Co-workers or the shop manager can easily spot this from across even the largest shop. Every post lift should be equipped with one of these lights. Screw posts Fitting the correct lifting pad post height to suit a specific vehicle is straightforward, but it eats up time. Optional screw posts provide contact point height adjustment quickly and conveniently without the need to experiment with swapping out different height posts. Lift by the tires ere are instances where you simply want to keep the suspension loaded, or when you prefer not to make contact with the frame. Optional wheel adapters attach to the arms of a two-post lift and simply slide into position under each tire. is allows full access to the undercarriage and eliminates any contact or clearance concerns at areas such as brake lines, fuel lines, etc. ese adapters also make contact adjust- ment easy, with no need to kneel on the floor to adjust the arms and posts. Unless you need to perform brake or suspension work with the suspension unloaded, these adapters offer ease and speed. An alternative to consider when you want to speed things up on a two-post lift is a set of optional drive-on ramps that attach to the Rotary Lift's LockLight is connected to the lift's hydraulic system. As soon as the lift is placed on its locks, the light illuminates a bright green to verify that the lift is secured on its locks. Two ver- sions are available: FA834 for 100 volt and FA835 for 220 volt. They can be mounted to any two- or four-post lift and are a great safety feature. This example clearly illustrates the advantage of adding lock lights. At a quick glance, a technician or shop manager can verify that the arms have been placed on resting blocks. Photo courtesy of Rotary Lift Photo courtesy of Rotary Lift Screw- type arms stands allow easy frame contact adjustment without the need to swap post heights. Photo courtesy of Mohawk Lifts

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