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56 | ASP October 2017 Technical serious injury can result if the deployment surface faces the body. If stored face-down on a surface and deployment occurs, the module will fly upwards with significant force. Treat every airbag module as you would a loaded or unloaded firearm. Even if you have removed battery power and have provided the recommended power-down discharge time for the module, do not assume that it is "unloaded." Always handle carefully and always keep the deployment surface aimed in a safe direction. Whenever servicing an SRS module, only the trained technician who is performing the service should be inside the vehicle. Whenever performing service inside the vehicle that contains airbag modules, always wear eye protection, a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, and protective work gloves. Ear protec- tion is also highly recommended. Protection Warn your customers against attaching anything to an airbag cover (such as a cell phone holder, decorative objects, etc.). If the airbag deploys, objects can become dangerous projectiles. Mocked-up photo example of a full SRS system including front and side airbags deployed. Photo courtesy of Lexus

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