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49 | ASP October 2017 Circle 118 on Reader Service Card Technical end, the metal debris contaminates the entire fuel system, requiring replacement of the entire fuel system, at a parts and labor cost of about $6,000. e need to perform routine maintenance of the fuel system cannot be overemphasized. Powerstroke 6.4L pump harness glitch 2008 Ford F-350 6.4L diesels are prone to a VPWR (vehicle power supply voltage) fuse blow-out. is is a known issue, where the 20-amp fuse fails due to wire chafing in the harness to the high pressure fuel pump circuit, resulting in a short. Oil dilution concern Oil dilution caused by fuel entering the crankcase is a major concern on any engine. is can occur on a low scale on any engine, which is another reason to pay attention to engine oil change intervals. If oil dilution is excessive, you run the very real risk of premature bearing/frictional wear, elevated oil temperature, and in severe cases, this can result in a hydro-lock. According to reports from the field, the 6.4L Powerstroke diesel engine seems to be prone to oil dilution, with fuel slipping past the piston rings and accumulating in the oil sump. is appears to me more prevalent on DPF (diesel particulate filter) equipped engines that experience more regeneration cycles. While Ford recommends an engine oil change every 10,000 miles, some diesel technicians recommend a shorter oil change interval of about 5,000 miles. e engine oil level should be checked weekly. If a rise in level is noticed, this is a sure sign that exces- sive diesel fuel is entering the crankcase. Fuel injector cleaning/rebuilding Powerstroke injectors are precision- machined assemblies that are pricey to replace, to the tune of about $300 each. Cleaning and rebuilding is a viable option, at a fraction of that price. Shops that perform this service commonly use an ultrasonic clean- ing tank to remove all contaminants from

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