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45 | ASP October 2017 Circle 116 on Reader Service Card 14,000 rpm Arbor: 7/8" with 5/8" adapter 30,000 rpm Arbor: 3/8" with 1/4" shank adapter 30,000 rpm 1/4" shank #8150 #8151 #8120 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels • Maintain diameter and cut faster with low odor and debris • Last a minimum of 2,000% longer than traditional grinding wheels • Access to hard-to-reach areas 1 Grind 2 Cut 3 Undercut 3" 4.5" 2" USA MANUFACTURER OF INNOVATIVE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 845-679-4500 | | 24-Hour Repair/Replace Warranty ©2017 InnovaƟve Products of America ® Incorporated. All rights reserved. Technical e high pressure pump delivers fuel to the fuel rails through two high pressure lines (one per bank). NEVER attempt to disconnect fuel lines with the system pressurized. According to published procedures, the system can be de-pressurized with the engine off and cooled to room temperature and then waiting at least five minutes. e system pressure generated by the high pressure pump is constantly adjusted by the PCM. e injectors are operated in three stages: fill stage, main injection stage and end-of-main-injection stage. e fill stage is designed to reduce combus- tion noise, mechanical load and exhaust emissions. e fuel enters the control piston chamber, spring side of the fuel injector valve and the high pressure chamber. A piezo actuator is not energized at this point. e control piston and the needle control spring downward force overcomes the upward force in the high pressure chamber. e nozzle is seated and no more fuel can enter the combustion chamber. When the PCM commands the fuel injector on, during the main injection stage, the piezo actuator is energized and pushes the valve piston downward. is downward force pushes the injector valve and fuel return spring down, which opens a bore hole that connects the control piston chamber with the fuel return chamber. A small amount of fuel then flows from the control piston chamber to the fuel return chamber, reducing the pres- sure of the control piston. e pressure drop is enough for the upward force in the high pressure chamber to overcome the downward force of the control piston, allowing the nozzle needle to move up, allowing fuel to atomize and enter the combustion chamber. At the end of the main injection stage, the small amount of fuel that flows from the control piston chamber to the fuel return chamber is routed through a drilled passage to drain holes. e drain holes are located on the sides of the injectors, below the O-ring. e fuel then returns to the fuel supply system through passages in the cylinder heads. When the desired injection timing is reached, the PCM de-energizes the piezo

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