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10 | ASP October 2017 Tech tips From impact tools to anti-sway bar links GREASE THAT GUN Pneumatic impact tools should be cleaned and greased for every 48 hours of tool run-time. Granted, most shops tend to forget this maintenance, but this will keep y our impact tools in working order and will protect the mechanisms from premature wear and damage. If the tool sounds unusually noisy, chances are it needs to be cleaned and re-greased. 1. Remove the hammer case (usually secured with four screws). With the housing screws removed, place your finger on the anvil tip and remove the housing. 2. Rotate and lift the anvil out of the hammer frame. 3. Remove the hammer pins from the frame and remove the hammers. Keep all parts organized for location and orientation. 4. Clean off all old grease from all parts (including the anvil bushing at the front end of the hammer case) using a clean rag. 5. Apply a light coating of grease to the case bushing, hammers and hammer frame. 6. Liberally apply grease to the anvil. 7. Reassemble in reverse order of disassembly. 8. Tighten the hammer case screws to speci- fication (refer to the owner's manual, as this can range from 8 in.-lbs. to 60 in.-lbs., depending on the make and model). 9. Wipe off any excess grease. 10. Operate the tool to verify function. MOTORHOME POP & LEAN Some 2001-2004 Ford F-53 motorhomes may exhibit a popping noise and lean during low speed turning. is is attributed to poor geometry of the front anti-sway bar links. e easy fix is to install Ford's Z brackets to properly locate the end links. When dealing with a 2001-2002 model, remove the front anti-sway bar links. Install the Z brackets (upper and lower) to the end links. Install the lower end of the link to the anti-sway bar using a new bolt P/N W500549-S426 along with the original nut and spacers. Torque the bolts and nuts to 66 ft.-lbs. Install a Z bracket to the upper end of the link using the original bolts, nut and spacers. Position the upper Z bracket at 90 degrees to the frame rail. Using the upper Z brackets as templates, drill a 12 mm hole in the frame and secure the bracket to the frame using a new bolt P/N W500443-S426 and new nut P/N N800937-S427. Torque to 66 ft.-lbs. When dealing with a 2003-2004 model, remove only the lower links from the anti-sway bar. Install the Z bracket to the lower end of the link, using new bolt W500549-S426, along with original spacers and nuts. Install new bolt W500-S426 into the anti-sway bar and the Z bracket, with nut N800937-S427. ■ Technical Note the 12 mm hole that must be drilled in the frame to attach the upper half of the upper Z bracket to the frame rail.

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