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58 A S P D e c e m b e r 2 018 P r o d u c t s Ingersoll Rand offers cordless impact wrench e W7152 ½-inch impact wrench from Ingersoll Rand delivers 1,500 .-lbs. of nut-busting torque and is available with a 2-inch extended anvil for use on tires. e cordless W7152 is a compact 8.1 inches long and has a 360-degree shadow-less task light to provide easy access and increased visibility in hard-to-reach spaces. e W7152 ½-inch impact wrench includes the company's IQV Power Control System which has four modes: full power, half power, wrench tight and hand tight. INGERSOLL RAND PLC Circle 150 on Reader Service Card WWW.INGERSOLLRANDPRODUCTS.COM Interstate Battery expands battery tester line e handheld IB Pulse battery tester from Inter- state Batteries easily scans a vehicle's identifica- tion number (VIN) and battery UPC to provide fast, accurate results. In two steps you scan the VIN of the car, scan the UPC of the battery and hit the start button. When the test is complete, the IB Pulse displays the In- terstate Batteries part numbers that fit the vehicle tested. Other features include step-by-step battery reset instructions, the ability to track and test by a technician's name, and access to the history of test results for vehicles. e tester has both a touch screen and key pad so a technician does not have to remove work gloves to enter data. INTERSTATE BATTERIES INC. Circle 151 on Reader Service Card WWW.INTERSTATEBATTERIES.COM Ken-Tool offers loose wheel nut indicators Ken-Tool's HexChex Multi-Size loose wheel nut indicators for automotive and truck wheels offer wide application coverage in only four SKUs. ey cover 31 lug nut sizes from 3/4-inch (19 mm) to 2 inch (50 mm) and fit 6-, 8- and 10-sided lug nuts. A HexChex quickly installs over a lug nut without tools, fastening se- curely with a ratcheting closure. Made from a du- rable bright yellow polymer, each HexChex has a clocking pointer to alert a driver when a lug nut is beginning to loosen. ey will not melt under heavy braking. However, they will melt should a hub overheat, alerting the driver to hub problems. e loose wheel nut indicators are available in convenient 100-count bags. KEN-TOOL Circle 152 on Reader Service Card WWW.KENTOOL.COM KTI brake fluid tester works quickly K Tool International (KTI) has released a Brake Fluid Tester that takes one second to test the fluid and automatically shuts off af- ter two seconds. In addition to collaborating with DOT 4 and Dot 5.1, the tool is able to test AC Delco, Pennzoil, Prestone, Motorcra and Toyota DOT 3 brake fluids. Setting changes can be made effortlessly with a push of a button. To examine the water percentage in the brake fluid, insert the tester into the vehicle's brake fluid reservoir and watch its five LED indicators light up. Each green, yellow and red light helps translate the water percentage in the fluid. e pocket-sized tool runs on a 1.5 volt battery. K TOOL INTERNATIONAL Circle 153 on Reader Service Card WWW.KTOOL.COM KYB Strut-Plus comes pre-assembled e KYB Strut-Plus comes pre-assembled and is designed to save time on installation and elimi- nate assembly errors. KYB Americas says the pre- mium strut assembly includes hard-to-find com- ponents to get the job done right the first time. At the heart of Strut-Plus is the KYB Excel-G Gas Strut, which is built on the same KYB original equipment as- sembly lines and is calibrated to compensate for wear caused by vehicle age and miles driven. Where applicable, the KYB Strut- Plus also includes a new coil spring, mount, insu- lator, bearing plate and attaching parts. KYB AMERICAS CORP. Circle 154 on Reader Service Card WWW.KYB.COM

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