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D e c e m b e r 2 018 A SP 55 1407 9" STRAIGHT TIP 1408 9" BENT TIP 1409 9" RIGHT ANGLE TIP 1705 10" COMPOUND SPREADS, REMOVES, AND INSTALLS RINGS WITHOUT HOLES DEEP KNURLED JAWS HOLD RINGS SECURELY SPRING ACTION CLOSES JAWS USED ON BRAKES, TRANSMISSIONS, PEDAL SHIFTS, CLUTCH SHAFTS, FARM EQUIPMENT, AND MACHINE TOOLS CAN ALSO BE USED TO SPREAD PISTON RINGS LOCK RING PLIERS W W W . L A N G T O O L S . C O M Information courtesy of MAZDA MAZDA CLUNK Some owners of 2004-2011 Mazda RX-8 vehicles may complain about a clunk, bang or jolt felt from the front of the vehicle when the vehicle first moves forward after start- ing the engine. is is a normal operating noise of the ABS. No repairs should be attempted. Explain that the noise comes from the ABS/TCS/DSC mal- function detection function initial check. e initial check is a necessary function to ensure the normal operation of the ABS/TCS/DSC system. e initial test function occurs during the first forward movement and when the vehicle reaches about 6.2 mph. VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NO CRANK This TSB applies to 2010 Volkswagen Touareg models with a no-crank condition. When the vehicle is unlocked by using the key in the driver door handle and 15 seconds elapse without the ignition key being inserted into the ignition switch, the alarm will go off and the start signal will become prohibited. To remedy this, simply insert the ignition key into the switch and turn it counter-clockwise to reset it. Circle 119 on Reader Service Card

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