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D e c e m b e r 2 018 A SP 41 CHOOSE THE BRAND THAT MEANS POWER Lead Acid, Lithium or Capacitor Jump-N-Carry jump starters are ideal for use in a wide variety of MXPSVWDUWLQJHQYLURQPHQWVLQFOXGLQJDXWRPRWLYHPDULQHÁHHWDQG industrial. Extreme jump starting power, long cranking duration and extended service life are the key features of Jump-N-Carry. New Lithium jump starters bring dependable power, valuable features and trademark durability to this class of product. New capacitor driven models are unaffected by the cold and can deliver endless jump starts on a single charge. Our lead acid models have been delivering the goods for technicians and shops for 25 years. Whether you rock it old school or prefer the new kid on the block, Jump-N-Carry means power, each time and every time you use it. To learn more, visit our website at or call 800.328.2921. e scan tool in most cases will be able to test this unit using the special test or bidirectional control feature (see Figure 9) to activate the sole- noids for proper operation. Another component is the brake booster sen- sor (see Figure 10). is sensor is used to signal the EBCM that a hill start assist is needed. Hill start assist helps the driver when accelerating from a stop on an incline or side of a hill. Hill start assist supports the driver during drive-off situations on upward gradients. When the driver releases the vehicle brake, hill start assist prevents the vehicle from rolling back in the opposite direction. e hill start assist system engages automati- cally when the following conditions are met: the driver applies the vehicle brake and the vehicle is at a complete stop; road inclination of approxi- mately 4 degrees or more is detected (as indicated by the stability control sensor information); the vehicle transmission information indicates that the driver selects the correct gear, indicating the intention to drive up the hill; the parking brake is not engaged. Once all the above criteria have been met and Figure 4: The scan tool should have graphing capabilities. Circle 114 on Reader Service Card

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