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D e c e m b e r 2 018 A S P 33 A U T O M O T I V E I N T E L L I G E N C E ( 855 ) 288-3587 / Register and update tools for latest coverage © 2018 Autel Intelligent Technology Inc. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER DIAGNOSTIC INTELLIGENCE MS908SP MS908S 64 G Memory POWERFUL HARDWARE SMARTER SOFTWARE nosing any electrical fault. How many times has it happened to you that when asked, "Have you checked all the fuses?" that maybe you thought you did but missed a fuse box that you weren't aware of? One of the biggest problems I have seen in the automotive industry as far as the repair end of it is concerned is the addition of aermarket accessories. If an accessory is added to a vehicle and it isn't installed on the correct circuit then many problems can arise from it. Some of the is- sues that you will see are power feeds connected to points other than the battery. is can gener- ate a failure. For example, an accessory was installed on a power feed circuit that is critically monitored by a control module and that module measures an incorrect voltage that it needs and is designed for it then sees it as a problem with that circuit. e fact is the circuit that's attached to the OEM circuit is where the fault is at. Can you see that without knowing there was an aermarket device installed and you didn't realize it and you started chasing the OEM circuit fault by mistake? Other aermarket installation woes could in- clude improper transceiver locations or antennas mounted in the wrong spot. With electromag- Figure 7: If the transmitter is not present in the vehicle, the switch will power down. Circle 111 on Reader Service Card

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