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D e c e m b e r 2 018 A S P 29 But in today's market, a major influence in push button start systems is due to the security of both the operator and the vehicle itself. Gone are the days of just obtaining a copy of the key to gain entry. e security systems in these new vehicles are a lot more sophisticated. e average car thief will have a hard time trying to steal the vehicle. Here's a quick look at a modern push button start vehicle that will eventually end up in your service bay. is vehicle is a 2019 Chevrolet Tra- verse. It has a 2.0L turbo-charged engine. is vehicle comes equipped with the start stop sys- tem (see Figure 3). System diagnostics Let's take a look at this system a little closer and see how it works and some of the diagnostics in- volved with servicing it. e ignition mode switch has two LEDs that indicate the vehicle power mode. When the ve- hicle is in the off mode, both LEDs will be off (see Figure 4). Momentarily pressing the ignition mode switch button once (brake pedal not ap- plied), will enter the vehicle into accessory mode and the amber LED (ACC) will illuminate (see Figure 5). e accessory mode has a 10 minute time out to reduce battery drain. If there is something draining the battery that is causing excessive current draw the vehicle will shut off earlier. at's why having a good charged battery is so critical on today's newer vehicles due to the in- creased electrical demand created by all these vehicle add-ons. With the ignition off (brake pedal not ap- plied) then pressing and holding the push button start switch for 5 seconds will place the vehicle in run/start mode (ignition on without the engine Figure 1: Remember the 1959 Dodge Royal with its push button transmission selector? Figure 2: Some vehicles still use a push button style transmission shift selector as found on some Allison transmission equipped trucks.

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