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D e c e m b e r 2 018 A SP 25 Includes: TP-8695 cordless, high-intensity UV LED flashlight and 1 oz (30 ml) bottles of each of these dyes: TP-8692 UV MULTI-COLORED FLUID DYE KIT For Petroleum- or Synthetic-Based Fluid Systems: TP-3320 TP-3340 TP-3380 WHITE BLUE YELLOW For Conventional Coolants and/ or Truck/Trailer Body Leaks: TP-3900 GREEN PINPOINT THE EXACT SOURCE OF MULTIPLE LEAKS IN ALL FLUID SYSTEMS COLOR-CODED DYES TO L E A R N M O R E , S C A N Q R C O D E O R V I S I T : W W W. T R AC E R P R O D U C T S . C O M She first brought it to another shop as well as to the dealer multiple times, with multiple RR speed sensors replaced due to a stored code. I drove this vehicle for 3 days before it acted up. I had the scope on the RR speed sensor har- ness (at the EBCM). e 12V power stayed con- stant but the signal flat lined when this occurred. We found an EBCM flash to correct unintended skid activation aer a reverse maneuver while turning. We performed the flash and drove it again, and once again it acted up. Next we swapped speed sensor pins at the EBCM and when it happened again the code switched wheels, verifying the issue was in the RR. When looking in through the speed sensor mounting hole and rotating the axle we verified that the interrupter was intact with no missing teeth. However, I spun the axle fast and something covered the hole for a split second. I pulled the axle sha and found chunks of rubber from the speed sensor interruptor/reluctor laying in the bottom of the tube and when starting from a stop they would move with the gear lube and cover the hole (see photo). ■ Mark Cunningham Cunningham's Automotive Repair Circle 109 on Reader Service Card

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