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24 A S P D e c e m b e r 2 018 T e c h s H e l p i n g T e c h s possibility of internal rust scale buildup which can exist when the pot was made, or in the fu- ture if the pot sits unused for a long period. Remove the engine's spark plugs and valve cover(s) in order to be able to visually observe the rocker arms. With the pressure pot's hose connected to the engine block, open the can- ister's pressure valve. e pressurized oil will then be pushed into the engine. You'll likely hear gurgling noises as this occurs. Observe the rocker arms. Within a few seconds or as much as a few minutes, you should see oil bring pushed out at the valvetrain. Using a hand wrench, slowly rotate the cranksha a full 360 degrees. is allows oil to more easily be pushed out of the upper main bearing saddles into the main bearings as the oil holes in the bearings pass by the main oil passages. At this point, replace the spark plugs, valve covers, etc., remove the pressure pot hose, re- install the oil pressure sender, and check the oil level in the oil pan sump (since the process of pre-oiling may have overfilled the sump). You're then ready to fire it up. By pre-oiling the engine, you avoid the very real threat of a potentially severe dry start. Larry Ritz Birchwood Automotive HUMMER SKID CONTROL A customer brought in a 2006 Hummer H3 that was experiencing unintended skid control acti- vation intermittently. e customer complaint was that the truck hesitates/quits when pulling away from a stop. She almost got T-boned by a tractor trailer and came in crying. A floating chunk of rubber was the culprit, intermittently covering the sensor hole.

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