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O c t o b e r 2 018 A SP 67 Enersys adds Odyssey performance batteries Enersys has released Odyssey Performance Series Group 4 9 a n d 9 4 R b a t- te r i e s f o r J e e p, Dodge and Chev- rolet vehicles. e company says the Odyssey Performance Series 49-950 battery pro- vides engine-cranking pulses up to 1,700 amps and 950 cold cranking amps (CCA). It is de- signed for popular Jeep, Dodge and some BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles introduced over the last 10 years. e Odyssey Performance Se- ries 94R-850 battery provides engine-cranking pulses up to 1,500 amps and 850 cold cranking Amps (CCA). It is designed for popular Chevro- let, Jeep and Dodge vehicles introduced over the last 10 years. ENERSYS INC. Circle 155 on Reader Service Card WWW.ODYSSEYBATTERY.COM Mayhew has new 6-piece set of trim tools Mayhew Steel Products has added a six-piece ProGrip Trim Tool Set to its Mayhew Tools brand. e set consists of three U notch and three V notch trim tools. e company says the U notch tools are ideal for removing window crank retaining clips and e-clips, while the V notch trim tools are able to quickly pull apart trim, tacks and staples from panels. Both notch tools can be used to take out flush-mounted fasteners. e rolling head trim tools are ideal for removing door panels. Each tool is made in the U.S. MAYHEW STEEL PRODUCTS INC. Circle 156 on Reader Service Card WWW.MAYHEW.COM Amsoil has 3 new aerosol cleaners Amsoil has released three aerosol cleaning prod- ucts. Amsoil Engine Degreaser removes the toughest grease, dirt and grime from engine sur- faces. It is safe to use on all engine components and leaves no residue. Amsoil Glass Cleaner cuts t h r o u g h g r e a s e a n d grime quickly and ef- fectively. Its ammonia- free formulation is safe on all glass, including tinted windows. Amsoil Mudslinger provides a protective layer against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on all- terrain and utility vehicles and dirt bikes. AMSOIL INC. Circle 157 on Reader Service Card WWW.AMSOIL.COM New lug nut wrench folds for storage Ken-Tool's new 35636 Stow & Go heavy-duty 4-way lug nut wrench can be stowed in a trunk, a tool box or behind a seat thanks to its fold-away design. e company says the moveable arms e a si ly s w i ng a nd lo c k into the 90-degree posi- tion, plus the arms can be slid within the lock- ing hub to create greater leverage. e Stow & Go features three fixed 17, 19 and 21 mm lug nut sockets, plus a 1/2-inch square drive adapter to use with other sockets for lug nut removal. KEN-TOOL CORP. Circle 158 on Reader Service Card WWW.KENTOOL.COM Tire Profiles upgrades system Tire Profiles has released an update to its non- stop, drive-over laser-based tire and align- ment diagnostic system. New features for TreadSpec 2.0 in- clude a first-of-its- kind, durable, composite construction that won't be affected by the harsh environ- mental conditions found in service drives and repair shops. In addition, the new design has a lower profile on the above-ground version that is easier for customers to drive over. TIRE PROFILES LLC Circle 159 on Reader Service Card WWW.TIREPROFILES.COM

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