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56 A S P O c t o b e r 2 018 T e c h n i c a l S e r v i c e B u l l e t i n s CHEVROLET DUMB MISTAKE Owners of 2013 Chevy Equinox vehicles may comment on a n i n- t e r m it t e nt no-crank issue. e design of the key and fob is to have the key ex- tended straight out of the fob. If the key i s not i n t he f u l ly lo c ke d- op en p osi- tion at the fob, and the head of the key is angled down, the en- gine will not crank. is may simply be caused by the cus- tomer contacting the fo b r e l e a s e but t on w h i le i n s er t i ng t he key into the ignition. If the engine will not crank, remove the key and make sure it is fully extended. Reinsert the key into the ignition in the extended straight-out position. is condition can set DTC B3055 (no transponder or modulation) in history. Clear the code from history. BMW BIMMER POWER BOX is bulletin applies to 2014 BMW 528i xDrive vehicles produced to March 2012. e wipers, lights and power windows may be inoperative. is situation may start as a sporadic failure and lead to a permanent fault. One or more of the following faults may be stored: FRM – 800E8D FRM: terminal 30A, power window regulator failed FRM – 30000 power window, driver's door: relay opening, no voltage FRM – 30018 power window, driver's door: deactivation of drive due to over-voltage FRM – 3001E power window, driver's door: no input voltage at relay FRM – 800E8B FRM: terminal 30A connec- tion for lights faulty e cause: e connector at Z1*3B at the (Z1) front power distribution box in the passenger compartment is loose (the 7-pin connector is not fully seated into the power distribution box). Perform vehicle diagnostics using ISTA. If the faults listed above are stored in the FRM (foot- well module), proceed to the next step. NOTE: When the ISTA system message dis- plays "Battery voltage only "XX.XX"V, please connect charger," note the displayed battery volt- age reading in the repair order. Follow and complete test plan "AT6300_FR- M3VS – supply, footwell module." e test plan is automatically linked to the stored faults. e test plan will prompt you to check the power sup- ply to the FRM, which is supplied from the power distribution box via connector Z1*3B. If the voltage measured on the FRM power supply circuits is incorrect based on the test plan normal values, check the back of the front power distribution box 7-pin connector Z1*3B to make sure that it's properly seated in place by pushing it in until it locks. Refer to ISTA repair instructions 6113050 (re- moving and installing/replacing power distribu- tion box in passenger compartment." Clear the faults and re-test the system. CHRYSLER IF IT ONLY HAD A BRAIN A "small number" of 2014 Chrysler 300 vehicles equipped with a 3.6L engine and built on or be- fore Sept. 27, 2013, may experience a MIL illumi- nation, with DTC P0606 (internal control pro- cessor) in memory. is also affects automatic oil change indicator accuracy. e fix involves reflashing, using soware release 14.01 or higher. e soware release also includes an accuracy im- provement for the automatic oil change indicator system that allows the PCM to retain current us- age/duty cycle information when the controller is reprogrammed. Previously, the PCM would de- fault to the severe duty cycle sched- ule any time the control- ler was up- dated. If the key is not in the straight-out locked position, the fob will angle down and will cause the key head to angle down, preventing engine crank. Make sure the key is locked in the fully straight position.

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