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O c t o b e r 2 018 A SP 53 Circle 123 on Reader Service Card the turbo is already destroyed. Look for metal that has come off the turbo in the intake tubes. Metal particles in this area may indicate a dam- aged engine. Turbocharger tips • Pre-lube the turbocharger by adding oil in the oil feed hole. • Verify the oil feed to the turbo. • Make sure the vehicle has the proper, clean oil. • Make sure there's a quality air filter. • Allow the turbo to cool aer strenuous work. Common trouble codes DTC: P0299 (Underboost) Potential issue: Wastegate stuck in open po- sition or leak between compressor and throttle. DTC: P0234 (Overboost) Potential issue: Wastegate stuck in closed po- sition, wastegate vent solenoid stuck in vent posi- tion, or leaking or disconnected control hose. Basic troubleshooting (Courtesy of BorgWarner) Probable cause: Dirty air filter system Type of failure: Low power/insufficient boost; black smoke; blue smoke; high oil consumption; oil leak at compressor. Probable cause: Suction and pressure line distorted or leaking Type of failure: Low power, low boost; black smoke; turbo generates acoustic noise. Probable cause: Excessive flow resistance in the exhaust system or leakage upstream of the turbo Type of failure: Low power, low boost pres- sure; black or blue smoke; acoustic noise; high oil consumption; turbo compressor oil leak. Probable cause: Oil feed and drain lines clogged or leaking Type of failure: Blue smoke; high oil consump- tion; compressor oil leak; turbine oil leak

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