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44 A S P O c t o b e r 2 018 T u r b o S e r v i c e T i p s Circle 117 on Reader Service Card Automotive lighting Vision, VisionPlus and X-tremeVision upgrade headlights Visit us at AAPEX Booth 2826 More vision. More safety. Philips upgrade headlights show your customer what's ahead sooner. With a clear view of the road ahead, that's safety they can see. can reduce oil delivery to the point of turbo dam- age. Dirt/grit/sludge in the oil can easily damage journals and bearings. Using the correct type and viscosity engine oil and following regularly scheduled oil and fil- ter changes is of paramount importance to pro- tect the extremely close tolerance turbocharger assembly. A turbocharger's compressor impeller spins at extreme speeds and can quickly be dam- aged by any foreign particle that enters the inlet stream. Keeping the air inlet path clean is vital, which means paying close attention to air inlet cleanliness and regular inspection and replace- ment of the air filter. Exhaust gasses/pressure enter the turbo. If any debris exists in the exhaust stream, such as dirt, rust scale, a piece of broken piston rings, etc., the debris hits the turbine blades with enough force to chip away at the blades. Eventually, one or more blades can break off, immediately creating an imbalance and subse- quent bearing failure. Change the oil e oil supply to the turbocharger experiences an enormous amount of heat. Turbos also oper- ate at incredible speeds, up to as much as 200,000 rpm and at temperatures as high as 1,922 degrees Fahrenheit. As you might imagine, correct oil delivery and pressure are critical to turbocharger life. Oil delivered to the turbo is responsible for lubricat- ing thrust and journal bearings, stabilizing the Oil drain port. Make sure the drain line is free of obstructions and not kinked.

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