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38 A S P O c t o b e r 2 018 E l e c t r i c a l S y s t e m F a i l u r e s Circle 114 on Reader Service Card sealed (see Figure 6). Notice how the green corro- sion death entered the connector? I also recom- mend that you don't just wrap your test points up in electrical tape. Electrical tape alone will not keep out the moisture. ere are some essential tools that's needed for tracking down electrical failures in today's vehicles. Having a high quality DVOM is important, but adding some good testing probes and wire terminal leads is just as important. A terminal test kit as shown in Figure 7 is a great tool to have, as it includes both male and female terminal con- nections. Not only do they fit the terminals properly, but they work great when performing a termi- nal retention test. Remember, if the terminal is spread out and not making good contact, then that is a potential source of resistance and a place for heat build up to form (see Figure 8). Figure 8: If spread out and not making good contact, this creates a source of resistance and heat.

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