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O c t o b e r 2 018 A SP 33 A U T O M O T I V E I N T E L L I G E N C E ( 855 ) 288-3587 / Register and update tools for latest coverage © 2018 Autel Intelligent Technology Inc. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER DIAGNOSTIC INTELLIGENCE MS908SP MS908S 64G Memory POWERFUL HARDWARE SMARTER SOFTWARE cavities inside the connectors, thus allowing the terminals to move around, creating a potential for an unsecured connection and poor terminal retention. When a circuit becomes overheated, the circuit is designed with a fuse to alleviate the high resistance. e fuse which is placed in the circuit as a safety precaution is supposed to trip its con- nection and stop the circuit from operating and possibly saving the wiring and components from damage. Somewhere in this circuit the resistance was so high it actually melted this fuse but didn't blow the fuse. e high resistance will always nd the weakest point in a circuit and will rear its ugly head. It is especially important that a good quality fuse be used in a vehicle. A fuse with a poor de- sign will not operate as it should and it could cre- ate problems and cause a risk for damage. Many things can cause high resistance in a circuit. For example, a ground circuit that is loose or corroded will cause excessive heat. A ground circuit that is not supposed to have voltage on it but does will create a circuit failure. Figure 5: Oil saturation caused by a faulty crankshaft seal killed the plastic protective coating. This in turn killed the vehicle's crank position sensor and its wires. Figure 6: This terminal connector was back- probed with a test light, but left unsealed. Corrosion began quickly. Circle 111 on Reader Service Card

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