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Circle 102 on Reader Service Card 6 | February 2016 with enough gas to get them safely to a gas station. In all three tire failure cases, emer- gency spare tires were installed, with each motorist immediately driving to the tire dealer for a new replacement. An engine overheat was temporarily addressed with a hose repair and a coolant top off, with that driver immediately going to the same tire dealer's shop for a cooling system inspec- tion and subsequent repairs. I spent two days with the team, one day in the van with the technician and one day in the helicopter. Aside from a brief experi- ence in a Huey while I was in ROTC back in my college days, this was my frst time in a small helicopter (a Bell Jet Ranger chopper designed for two people, with my hapless butt crammed in the middle between the pilot and traffc cop). My day in the chopper was a memorable experience. The day was severely overcast, with high winds and driving rain. The chopper was violently tossed around like a terrier shaking a rat. The pilot was cool and calm, deftly working the collective and tail rotor, while I mustered every bit of effort to keep from barfng all over the cockpit. The public-assistance program conducted by that tire dealer was impressive. Not only did they provide a great service to those in need, but they generated a huge amount of positive exposure for the shop. Every one of those who were helped was extremely grateful, and eagerly spread word-of-mouth praise for the dealer. Today in my area, there is an insurance company that patrols the streets using an SUV offering roadside assistance. You can bet its name has gotten a lot of good exposure from the company's logo on the side of the vehicle. Granted, not all shops may be capable of providing such a service, but it's something to consider. Such a program is a win-win for everyone involved. Plus, the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get from helping someone in distress is something that you never forget, knowing that you did the right thing when it mattered. ‚óŹ Straight Talk

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